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About Us salutes the original HOT102, which so many still remember and love. It was owned at the time by the great Willie Davis; his company, All-Pro Broadcasting, owned several stations around the country. The station began as “Love FM” in the late 1970s on WLUM-FM (the calls stand for We Love U Milwaukee) and it became both “the HOT FM” and then “HOT102” during the 1980s. By 1994, changes in the market and music forced a switch to alternative. FM102.1 continues as a good alternative station in town, but we always missed the “Total Jams” HOT102 played. So, we brought it back!
We’re not affiliated with the company that currently owns the old frequency, but several of us worked for All-Pro back in the day – that’s why you hear some of the original jingles and more. We’ll keep building upon it and tweaking, we welcome your feedback (and sponsors!)

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