Fun with HOT102

We’ve shown up occasionally in cool and fun places, and HOT102 former staffers sometimes join us! We had a blast in Menomonee Falls when Fresh G spun live, with DJBigRon Helmick and Brian Lipski spinning, too. Over 200 of our friends, listeners, and some confused folks who didn’t realize at first we were there all danced, partied, and had a great time flashing back!

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Big Ron, Brian, and Fresh G bangin’ out the jams at our HOT102 dance party.
Fresh G busy on the turntables while sporting his HOT102 shirt; the crowd was dancing up a storm.
Happy winner of Bucks tickets!
Over 200 people had a blast dancing to their favorite old school jams. Even if someone said “Stop!” they would just collaborate and listen. Or it could have been Hammertime.

Hey, see the cool HOT102 t-shirts some of these guys are wearing? You can get one too!

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