Epic old school show Aug 4: Naughty By Nature, DJ Kool, Flav, and C&C!

Out in Wisconsin Dells, the Crystal Grand Music Theatre is hosting an epic show August 4th, featuring Naughty By NatureDJ KoolC&C Music Factory, and Public Enemy’s own Flava Flav!

Naughty By Nature, DJ Kool, C&C Music Factory, Flavor Flav August 4th at the Crystal Grand in Wisconsin Dells!Tickets are still available for this show, which will include great HOT102 faves like “O.P.P.“, “Hip-Hop Hooray“, “Let Me Clear My Throat“, “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)“, and all of the Public Enemy and Flava Flav songs you loved back in the day. Get your tickets here, and sporting a HOT102 t-shirt there makes everyone know you’re legit.

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