Cubs “smuggle” Spotted Cow beer to Illinois after series loss

While the Brewers kick ass (and don’t even bother taking names because they’re too busy kickin’ ass), some Chicago Cubs players decided to bring a lil’ bit of “forbidden” Wisconsin back home with them by stocking some Spotted Cow in their bus for the ride south.

Spotted Cow is a delicious “farmhouse lager” brewed in New Glarus, Wisconsin, a place otherwise known as “America’s Little Switzerland.” The New Glarus Brewing Company makes some good beers, and Spotted Cow is basically their flagship brew. But with their license, their beers – like Spotted Cow – cannot be sold outside of the state of Wisconsin. That means if you live in Illinois, you have to buy it here and bring it back with you.

Okay, it’s not exactly “smuggling” it back – you can buy it in Wisconsin and bring it wherever you want as long as you don’t re-sell it – but it was fun to spot Spotted Cow on the Cubs’ team bus as they prepared to head out of town. TMJ4 happened to report on it, you can check it out below.

Wonder if the Phillies might do the same – by plane – after this weekend series?

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