Total Jams HOT102: Milwaukee’s Party Station!

Streaming a salute to the original “HOT102” with the 70s, 80, and 90s tunes from Dance/Pop to Hip-Hop, R&B Old School Jams, Disco, and even Alternative the way HOT102 used to play. We throw in some newer tunes too, if they fit the old school sound – just to keep it fresh. Listen on Live365, TuneIn, or hit the PLAY button below!


HOT102 streams great music in the spirit of the original! We’re not affiliated with the original company that owned HOT102, but some of us used to work there. They flipped it in 1994 but we still love the original so much we brought it back online. We have old HOT102 videos, “street sheets”, listening links, pictures, and a lot more on places like our History page. And Total Jams are on all the time!

Latest Updates around the Brew City & Wisconsin…

  • Bucks beat Bulls 113-97, Giannis becomes winningest Buck of all time
  • #7 Marquette takes on #12 Creighton Saturday
  • Admirals lose to Rockford Friday night, look ahead to Iowa Wild matchup Sunday
  • Milwaukee Public Schools calls for $252 million referendum vote April 2nd
  • The Couture tower topped out by the lakefront, standing 507 feet tall, they’re now sharing updated renderings of inside units
  • Weather: Mild and sunny Saturday, windy Sunday, thunderstorms likely Monday afternoon. Hourly forecasts on HOT102, powered by Real Chili and the Milwaukee Auto Show, on now through Sunday, March 3rd at the Baird Center.

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Listen to HOT102 with these apps and Alexa

Listen on Live365 with the app (via Google Play or the Apple Store), on the built-in player above, or say “Alexa, play HOT102 from Live 365.” (You have to say “from” for some reason…)

Note: if Alexa doesn’t play the station, you may need to enable Live 365 via Alexa Skill. Simply say “Alexa, enable Live365 Skill” and once she enables it, THEN say “Alexa, play HOT 102 from Live 365.” Then it should play every time!

HOT102 is also on TuneIn! Download the app to your phone, tablet, or laptop and listen anytime with simple “HOT102” search – you’ll see us!

Here’s what we just played on HOT102:

Speaking of history, here’s a HOT102 TV ad from 1989. Definitely a period piece…

2 thoughts on “Total Jams HOT102: Milwaukee’s Party Station!”

  1. Hi,
    What a great station you have. I know Hot 102 from the youtube videos and Google about it after that and so I came on this tribute stream. It sounds really great with a touch of vintage in it. Also the soundprocessing on the stream. What are you using for equipment to reproduce the sound?




  2. This station is great and takes me back to my CHR radio days as a jock and MD. You made me chuckle the last couple of weeks playing a new song that sampled an older song, then playing the older song. A little heavy on Michael Jackson and Prince at times, really enjoy the ~89 to ~95 house and rhythmic, but old enuff to remember the 70s “way backs”. Need to figure out a way to promote the station as I found it purely by accident.

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Old school jams and newer songs with the old school feel, Milwaukee style

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